Collection: Marjorie Roy: Between heaven and earth

Go up to the 7th floor of the Capitole Hôtel to discover the sublime exhibition by Marjorie Roy which will take place all summer. For this very first solo, the artist native of Beauce in Quebec was inspired by her childhood memories and certain milestones in her life. “I present a living and moving exhibition. I approach my favorite theme with sensitivity: snow geese and their grandiose flights. » - Marjorie Roy

Double view!

For this first partnership between the Beauchamp Art Galleries and the Capitole Hôtel, you will be as dazzled by the beauty of the works on display as by the view offered by the Passerelle over the fortifications and Old Quebec. It is therefore in this large, entirely glazed passage that you will be able to admire around ten photographs by Marjorie Roy immortalizing flights of colorful geese.

The artist

Marjorie Roy, who is an artist and photographer by profession, works digitally on her photos taken mainly on the banks of the St. Lawrence River and then has them printed on brushed metal. This results in wonderful plays of light between the metal and the textures of the print which are, in turn, enhanced by the ambient light reflecting off the works. Each work is titled according to the day and time Marjorie Roy completes her digital edits on each photo. “As geese are likely to come back, I name my works with a date and time which also come back every year” - Marjorie Roy