Technique: Mixed

Hélène Fleury, painter Hélène Fleury was born in 1959.

Drawing, sculpture and creations of all kinds imposed themselves on her as a necessity.

Fleury firmly believes in the importance of technical mastery in any artistic approach, allowing true creative freedom. It is largely for this reason that she decided to interrupt her studies in visual arts at Laval University in 1985 to acquire, from accomplished professional artists, the techniques she lacked at that time, and this, within the framework of more conceptual teaching.

A very versatile artist, she dabbled in street portraiture and sculpture. She taught trompe l'oeil techniques and executed several commissioned works. Fleury has also worked on the coordination and direction of large mural projects. Additionally, she founded her company Atelier Dufaux. Her numerous experiences in the artistic field have led her to acquire different techniques and working methods to produce unique works.

In recent years, Hélène Fleury has mainly focused on sculpture and painting in the studio. These pictorial works, in oil and fresh varnish, are produced on canvas or wood panel.

Hélène Fleury is best known for her monumental trompe-l'oeil frescoes in Quebec and Sherbrooke.

Media coverage

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