Technique: Oil


René Gagnon was born in 1928 in Chicoutimi, in the Saguenay region of Quebec.

It is no coincidence that, since 1967, René Gagnon's art has traveled the world. This self-taught painter, with great talent, worked tirelessly throughout his career. A man of great experience and passion in his art, Gagnon is a virtuoso of color nuances and a master in the art of translating Nordic light.

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  • Air Canada, Montreal
  • Akwa International, Montreal, Morocco
  • Alcan, Montreal
  • Distacum Communications, Hong Kong
  • Corby Distilleries, Montreal
  • Pierre Cardin Foundation, Paris
  • Afriquia Group, Morocco
  • Power Corporation, Montreal
  • Quebecor, Montreal
  • Yayasan Seni Berdaftar, Malaysia


  • 1998 - Festival Prize, Commonwealth Cultural Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia
  • 1996 - The Sun Kuala Lumpur, daily newspaper, article
  • June 21, 20120 - Medal of the National Assembly of Quebec
  • He also received the Mention for the recognition of excellence by the municipality of Sacré-Coeur-sur-le-Fjord-du-Saguenay.


  • Valleyfield Economuseum
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal
  • Joliette Museum
  • Saguenay Museum, Lac St-Jean