Unite with LIFE

The incessant desire to grow and experience ever more inner freedom pushes Martin Beaupré to evolve his art even further and surprise us. It is with an open heart and a boiling head that Martin has created a brand new collection of comic geishas that he invites us to discover during his exhibition entitled: Uniting with Life! from October 14 to 29 at the Galerie Beauchamp in Quebec. This collection of geishas will sit alongside the artist's more traditional work. Wishing to bring the energy of joy by adding a humorous touch to his art, Martin Beaupré thus reveals another part of his much-loved personality: laughter.

Determined to make a living from his art since a very young age, Martin Beaupré has never stopped believing in the magic of creation. Touching people's hearts with his works for more than 30 years, Martin Beaupré's artistic career is an international success. A charismatic personality to his fingertips, his sensitivity and his innate sense of aesthetics are the masters who guide the brushes of this artist.