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Fabergé Legacy & Contemporary Interpretations


The egg, in its simplicity and perfection, is an ancient and powerful symbol of novelty, fertility, and eternity. As Easter approaches, we are thrilled to share with you an overview of the legendary art of Fabergé eggs. These marvels of goldsmithing that continue to fascinate the world were imagined by Carl Fabergé in 1885 at the request of Tsar Alexander III as an Easter gift for his wife, Empress Maria. This first egg, known as the "Hen Egg," marked the beginning of a tradition that continued until the fall of the Russian monarchy in 1917. Each Fabergé Easter egg was unique, adorned with gold, silver, diamonds, precious stones, and often hiding a surprise inside, thus symbolizing love and rebirth.

Today, Fabergé eggs are not only appreciated for their exceptional beauty and craftsmanship but also for their rich historical and cultural significance. One hundred thirty-nine years later, these emblems of art that marry luxury with innovation continue to fascinate the entire world. Their value transcends the monetary to touch the heart of art, each piece being a treasure of creativity, innovation, and meticulous details. They remind us of a time of imperial splendor while symbolizing hope and renewal. For many, collecting or simply admiring these works of art is a way to connect to a rich and fascinating history.

We also have the pleasure of humbly presenting the works of the Italian artist Sandro, who playfully revisits the concept of Fabergé eggs through the prism of pop art. This approach creates a vibrant dialogue between the past and present, offering a new perspective on these treasures of yesteryear.

To enrich your exploration of this fascinating world:

· The official website of the Fabergé Foundation ( offers a detailed overview of the history of the Fabergé eggs and their creation.

· The book "Fabergé's Eggs: The Extraordinary Story of the Masterpieces That Outlived an Empire" by Toby Faber, provides an in-depth analysis of the history of the eggs and their significance through the ages.

In this Easter season, let the Fabergé eggs inspire you with their history, beauty, and symbolism of rebirth and renewal.

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