Fund - Beauchamp Family Foundation


Constantly motivated by its values ​​of mutual aid and sharing, the Beauchamp family founded the Beauchamp Family Fund-Foundation in 2008 with the aim of helping children in need in the greater Quebec region. Thanks to the sale of works of art and donations from its clients, the Beauchamp family successfully carries out the mission it set itself more than a decade ago.

Did you know that 3% of the profits from each work sold are donated to the Foundation?

The Beauchamp Family Foundation Fund proudly donates each year to various support groups and artists. Thank you to donors and art buyers!

“Opportunities to help others in an exceptional way come only very rarely, but the chance to help others through small gestures presents itself to us every day.” -Sally Koch

Donations and Fundraising

Each donor who disburses an amount of $20.00 or more will receive a charitable receipt for tax deduction purposes. Throughout the year, virtual exhibitions and other activities will take place to raise funds.

To give generously or for more information, contact Mr. Vincent Beauchamp directly at:

Phone: 418-694-2244 | 1-877-694-2244


For kids

An annual scholarship is awarded to a child from a disadvantaged neighborhood in the greater Quebec City region. The latter aims to pay for extracurricular activities and tuition fees, if applicable. Amounts are also given to mutual aid groups whose mission is to feed children from disadvantaged backgrounds and to recreate a family climate for them.

Here’s how profits and donations made make all the difference

Le Pignon Bleu: The Beauchamp Foundation offers Christmas gifts for children and food baskets for the families of these children through this organization fighting against poverty and hunger in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Quebec. A unifying event, even Galeries Beauchamp employees participate in gift shopping with the children and distribute baskets with great enthusiasm on the morning of December 24.

Le Petit Blanchon: The Beauchamp Foundation offers annually a donation contributing to the maintenance of the activities of this organization whose priority is to help and improve the quality of life of children living in critical situations.

The Sourdine Foundation: A donation is offered to this Foundation whose goal is to raise funds to support the Oral School of Quebec for hard of hearing or deaf children.

Center for social pediatrics of Quebec: The Beauchamp Family Fund offers its support to this center which supports children and their families in vulnerable situations in order to ensure the well-being and optimal development of children, while respecting their rights and their interests.

École des Hauts-Sommets: It is with honor that the Beauchamp Foundation supports the education and accommodation of two students who cannot develop in the standard school system and whose family cannot ensure the needs and follow-up required. This school offers essential specialized support to these students in order to meet their needs and ensure their academic success until graduation.

Moisson Québec: During the annual Golf Tournament, a donation is generously offered to this organization which acts on food insecurity in order to improve the quality of life of people living in difficult socio-economic conditions.

Centraide: The Beauchamp Foundation is one of the proud donors of Centraide, which supports a vast network of community organizations that help individuals and families in situations of poverty.

The Rotary Club of Quebec: The Beauchamp Foundation offers a donation during the annual Oysters and Wonders cocktail of the Rotary Club, which is associated with multiple causes helping people with disabilities, young people and the most disadvantaged.

Trees of hope at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac: Aiming to support the Quebec University Hospital Foundation and the Soleil Mother-Child Center for the purchase of medical devices for sick children, a donation is offered each year by the Family Beauchamp. The benefit event takes the form of a Christmas tree decorating competition, which will brighten up the main hall of the Château Frontenac throughout the holiday season.