Guide étape par étape de la Galerie d'art Beauchamp pour déballer les caisses d'œuvres d'art

The Beauchamp Art Gallery Step-by-Step Guide to Unpacking Artwork Crates

Whether it’s a long-awaited addition to your collection or a cherished piece from a recent move, the process of unpacking an artwork is an essential step. This task requires gentle handling and care to keep both value and beauty intact. Follow these easy steps to delicately unveil and proudly exhibit your artwork!


  1. Essential Materials

Before you begin, gather all necessary supplies to ensure a smooth unpacking process. You will need:

  • A Screwdriver or Drill
  • Scissors
  • White cotton gloves (Optional, but extremely helpful in protecting your artwork from any dirt or natural oils on your hands).

  1. Clear Your Workspace

Choose a suitable location for unpacking and clear the designated area of any clutter or obstructions. This will provide you with enough space to maneuver and unpack the artwork safely. Ensure that the crate is lying face-up on your workspace.


  1. Loosen the Lid

Using your screwdriver, loosen all screws on the top panel of the crate (the number of screws will vary depending on the size of the crate). Once completely loosened, remove the lid, and set aside.

Pro Tip: The crate is re-usable and perfectly fitted for your artwork, so store your screws and crate in a safe place for future use!


  1. Remove the Artwork

Gently lift the artwork out of the crate. Refrain from touching or applying too much pressure on the face of the artwork, as this may cause dents or impressions on the canvas. Instead, lift from the sides.


  1. Unwrap with Care

Lay out a clean, soft surface for the artwork, such as a tablecloth or blanket. Place the artwork face-down, and carefully begin cutting the packing tape and outer packaging. Remove any protective foam, bubble wrap and corners, ensuring not to scratch or damage the art.

  1. Inspect for Damage

In case of damage to the crate, we suggest inspecting the wrapping and the artwork itself. Although we take great care in securely packaging all artworks, they are handled by couriers and other handlers during transit. If you notice any damage to the crate, the wrapping, or the artwork itself:

1. Immediately call a member of our management team at the toll-free number (North America) 1-877-694-2244 or at +1-418-694-2244.

2. Please take photos and send them to to the attention of the person you spoke with. Insurance companies require that the claim be opened and submitted within 48 hours of receiving your package.


  1. Reveal your artwork

Handle the piece delicately with white protective gloves to ensure its condition remains pristine. The hard work is over, now comes the fun part – displaying your beautiful new artwork!


When in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are here for you, always.

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