La philanthropie artistique: Un geste qui perdure

Artistic Philanthropy: A Lasting Gesture

I have always believed that art transcends the walls of our galleries to touch the hearts and minds of those who view it. One of the missions of the Beauchamp Art Galleries is to support a philanthropic approach to art that benefits society as a whole.


Do you own a piece of art that you cherish? Why not consider, when the time comes, donating it to an institution such as a school, hospital, palliative care center, retirement home, or charitable organization?


Imagine the pride of seeing your works adorn new walls, moving new people, and providing comfort and inspiration daily. For the more rational-minded, this act of generosity can not only transform a space but also offer attractive tax benefits, making your donation a socially responsible investment.


Creating a Community Art Fund: Share Your Passion


Another way to redefine your art collection might be to participate in creating a community art fund. I can already hear the comments. There’s no need to create something overly complicated. This initiative allows members of a community or an association to share a collection of artworks, thereby enriching the cultural experience of everyone. The artworks circulate among members, giving everyone a chance to enjoy various pieces without a permanent commitment. You can start modestly by sharing your works with family members, friends, or colleagues. Let’s dream a bit—imagine sharing with members of a community service that matters to you, with new immigrants starting over, or even with disaster victims.


Imagine a system where your artworks inspire not just your family and friends, but an entire community. This model of sharing fosters a sense of belonging and cultural continuity, making art accessible to all community members through a regular rotation of works.


These are just some of my ideas that I often think about. I don't consider myself a "dreamer." I truly believe that if you take the time to consider these enriching initiatives that allow you to maximize the impact of your art collection, we can make art a pillar of well-being and inspiration for the community.

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