Technique: Mixed

Valérie Allard, painter Valérie Allard was born in Quebec in 1980. Since a very young age, Valérie Allard has always shown a great interest in the arts. Attracted by invention and creation, it was in 1997 that she began her studies in visual arts at the Cégep de Sainte-Foy. She continued her momentum and obtained a bachelor's degree in visual arts at Laval University in Quebec in 2003. From the beginning, drawing and painting occupied a preponderant place in the artistic practice of this young artist. Multidisciplinary, she will be attracted to several forms of expression such as: photography, engraving, sculpture, etc.

Today, Valérie Allard's works reflect her multiple experiences. Its themes represent interior spaces and still lifes with an urban and contemporary feel. Its sober and modern atmospheres offer a beautiful richness of textures and color harmonies. In his paintings, certain shapes coated with a very shiny varnish create effects of dissimilarity between the materials. The flexibility of a pencil line nimbly winds throughout his work to embellish and add another interesting aspect to the composition. The mastery of these various forms of expression and the choice of her subjects combine perfectly to establish the profile of a creative, free and daring artist.

Valérie Allard is currently represented in the Beauchamp art galleries in Quebec and Baie-St-Paul.

Media coverage

  • Journey, Jacques Bélanger, “Valérie Allard “living nature””, 2007
  • Magazin'Art, Biennial directory of Canadian artists in galleries 2006-2008
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  • 2007 - Montreal en Arts FIMA International Festival, Montreal, QC (collective)
  • 2004 - À l'Évidence, St-Roch mail, Quebec, QC (collective)
  • 2003 - Fabrique, Laval University, Quebec, QC (collective)
  • 2003 - Bar L'Inox, Quebec, QC.(collective)

Private collections

  • Several private collections in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia

Public collections (selection)

  • Royal Bank of Canada, Montreal, QC
  • FG Stolz Inc., Montreal, QC
  • Gesroc, St-Lambert, QC
  • Parent & Ass Financial Group. Quebec, QC
  • Solubrik Group, Ste-Julie, QC
  • Industrial Alliance, Quebec, QC
  • Marque d’Or, Montreal, QC
  • Fossat mirrorworks, Contes, France
  • Multibel Inc., Saguenay, QC
  • Property Solutions, Moores Town, NY, USA
  • L'Unique General Insurance, Quebec, QC
  • Weatherly Law Firm, Atlanta, Ga, USA


  • Montreal International Arts Festival 2007