Technique: Mixed

Dave Baranes, painter Dave Baranes is a self-taught French painter influenced by graffiti and urban art of the 80s. Very quickly, his interest in large-scale 2D work led him towards the creation of trompe l'oeil murals.

In 2015, Dave began creating paintings representing felines with striking looks, which had immediate success on social networks. His animals are sometimes accompanied by short shocking sentences, inviting the viewer to question their relationship with these fascinating wild beasts.

A great supporter of animal rights, sensitive to environmental justice and the threat to our biodiversity, Baranes directs the choice of his subjects towards endangered species. They are painted in a sort of urban jungle, close to chaos and devoid of humans. This anachronism took on a new meaning during confinement since across the world, animals have invaded our urban spaces following the desertion of man: " It is now up to us to change our world. These works invite us, I hope, to reflect on what we want it to become .” It is in this ambiguity of mind that we admire the beauty of these subjects.

Since 2018, Baranes' works have combined a clever mix of the various influences that have dotted his creative journey. Among these, we find trompe l'oeil techniques and graffiti with the "Old School" treatment that he particularly likes.