Techniques: Bronze, papier-mâché and acrylic

Patricia Barrowman was born in 1953 in Montreal. She spent her childhood in a small mining village located in northern Quebec. At a young age, Barrowman was influenced by her grandmother, herself an artist; the latter introduced him to drawing and painting and introduced him to museums. She painted horses around the age of adolescence, a subject which has followed her until today ...

Following several courses and workshops that she took in the United States and Canada, she obtained a bachelor's degree in visual arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) in Halifax in 1977.

Today, Barrowman shapes the horse, sculpting the majestic animal, in a stylized manner, exaggerating proportions, in materials such as papier-mâché and bronze. The horse has symbolic value for the artist because it represents both a wild side and a domestic side. She also uses the icon of the horse for its beauty and presence.


  • 1989-1990-2001 - Rose Window Gallery, Knowlton
  • 1995 and 2001 - Spring Salon of Eastern Townships artists, Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts
  • 1999 - Uplands Museum, Lennoxville
  • 1994 - Bishop's University Artist Centre, Lennoxville
  • 1990 - Opus II Gallery, Montreal
  • 1990 - The Piggery Theater, North Hatley
  • 1988 - David Morgan Workshop, Lennoxville