Boucher, Pierre-Édouard

Technique: Oil and mixed

Pierre-Édouard, Butcher Pierre-Édouard Boucher was born in Montreal in 1950. A graduate in visual arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal, he pursued studies in art history and photography. At the age of 25, he received a scholarship from the Canada Council for the Arts, which allowed him to create the Yeux screen printing and graphic design workshop. Five years later, he joined a group of AGVA engraving artists and also participated in the establishment of a community workshop, called Le Triolet, and a painting school called Arts et Compagnie. In addition to participating in several live painting performances, he has exhibited at the Salon des Métiers d'art de Montréal four times. In addition to his social involvement, he was a college visual arts teacher for more than thirty years.

The Links and Contrasts series that the artist Pierre Édouard Boucher presents to us is never black or white. His works lead us to question what is or is not. The artist uses natural elements to structure the composition of his paintings, which creates a diversity and fantasy that only nature can create. Imprisoned in a square, balanced shape, the image inspires the calm and harsh climate of Quebec winters.