Technique: Acrylic

Diane Boulet, painter Diane Boulet was born in 1951 in Lac-Mégantic and still lives there. She worked in the public service before turning to studies in the arts, a field that has always fascinated her. In 1982, she enrolled in a bachelor's degree in visual arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal, from which she successfully graduated. During these years, she devoted herself with energy to painting, particularly to watercolor which seduced her with its possibilities of working in transparency.

This most enriching university experience motivated her to pursue other training under the tutelage of well-known artists from Quebec, France and the United States. Although interested in several techniques and mediums, it is still watercolor that best suits her current creative aspirations. For an artist who likes to take on challenges, this complex technique perfectly meets her needs. It also responds to his interest in the play of transparency and its soft finish.

Increasingly asserting his palette and seeking new artistic experiences, Boulet opened the Atelier des Sables in 1990, which quickly became an important place, even a pivot of the Mégantic cultural scene. During these years, from 1990 to 1999, she perfected her art full time, surrounded by dynamic people and professionals. She contributes to the development of training that is offered on site, but also in different schools in the region. Diane Boulet got involved in her community and subsequently became a founding member of the Lac-Mégantic summer art gallery, which she chaired for a few years. During this period, she participated in various traveling exhibitions and received the public prize in the town of Dourdan in France.

Following various training courses and workshops, Diane Boulet now uses acrylic which, through the multiple possibilities it offers including those of painting on different materials and varied formats, harmonizes well with her desire to get out of her comfort zone.