Technique: Mixed

Nathan Brutsky, painter Nathan Brutsky was born in kyiv, Ukraine in 1963, and currently resides in Israel.

He was only ten years old when his father recognized in him an innate talent for the arts. Despite his preference for soccer, the disciplined child will develop a taste for drawing and painting, devoting several hours a day to it. Over time, this experience proved very fruitful. Inspired more than ever, he began to create very complex compositions.

Nathan continues his artistic journey and completes his studies in arts and design at the kyiv Institute. Alongside his work as an illustrator, graphic designer and architectural designer, he continued his apprenticeship under the tutelage of great masters such as Yuri Malishevsky and Valery Psaryov. The knowledge gained over the years will prove extremely valuable. He will carry out various projects in his areas of expertise and will be recognized as one of the most notable artists in his adopted country, Israel.

Nathan points out that there are two very important things to consider when creating a work. Firstly, the power of expression, style and quality, and secondly, the ability to make people feel joy. He achieves this easily thanks to the festive themes and flamboyant colors that make up his works, which offer us a grandiose spectacle of remarkable originality. The intensity and vibrations that emanate from his work radiate such divine energy and express such creativity that it is difficult not to feel the spiritual power that subtly exudes from his canvases.

His work is not the result of chance, but rather the result of extremely careful and in-depth research. First of all, the artist structures his work based on the pyramidal shape where its energy is perfectly studied and explored. The voluminous asymmetrical shapes of iconic morphology are his favorites and serve as a matrix in the construction of the work. The artist has perfected these forms to such a degree of universality that it would be difficult for any soul to remain indifferent to the force of the symbolism that emerges from them.

Brutsky's works hold an exceptional force of attraction. They are powerful, intense and extremely attractive.