Technique: Oil

Linda Bucci, painter Linda Bucci was born in Montreal and divides her life between her hometown and then Ste-Anne-des-Lacs in the Laurentians where she practices painting.

With a degree in administration from a private college, she subsequently worked for several years with the Desjardins Movement. Also endowed with a creative sensitivity and attracted by different creative worlds, she then moved towards the world of fashion and became the main signatory for the House of Chanel in Montreal.

Passionate about the visual arts, her curiosity leads her to frequent all the museums in the big cities that she is lucky enough to visit. Moreover, she organizes her trips according to the cultural visits she plans to make there.

A self-taught artist, she studied the techniques of certain painters on her own and discovered her talents for painting. She also takes a few lessons and today devotes most of her time to continuing to learn what she currently does best, which is painting.

Of the institutions she attended, she particularly appreciated the teachings she received at the MMFA and the Laval Academy of Arts.

Bucci's pictorial compositions are expressive and dynamic. Using a spatula, she creates vibrant play of colors with marked reliefs. The harmony and beauty of his works open the viewer's imagination.

I love creation and painting is my passion. This medium allows me to work intuitively on the idea of ​​movement and to give eternal meaning to my horizons. It is this great freedom of expression that drives me and that I want to share with you.