Technique: Mixed

Carl Camiré, painter Born in Montreal (Quebec) in 1963.

Carl Camiré studied visual arts at Cégep Édouard-Montpetit and took a specialized course in commercial illustration. This apprenticeship allowed him to become the artistic director of an architecture magazine for six years. Subsequently, he settled in Guadeloupe, where he worked as a set designer. During this period, he devoted more and more time to painting. Back in Quebec, his head bubbling with inspiration and warm colors, he continues to paint with boundless energy.

For more than 15 years, the artist has developed a style that is both rich and refined, exploring zen and meditative landscapes. Building on the success of this collection and in the spirit of bringing his work into new territories, Camiré this time presents us with scenes inspired by the enchanting architecture of Old Quebec. Having acquired with his landscapes a great mastery of the material, a particular skill in rendering the gradients of colors and a finesse in the subtle shifts of tones, he revisits in his own way the most beautiful sites of the city, recognized for its historical and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is in this unique backdrop and in a dreamy and romantic atmosphere that Carl Camiré takes a couple on a stroll, from Cap Diamant to the Plains of Abraham.

Working on the material using multiple tools, he manages to recreate the inestimable prestige of the cultural treasures of the old city. He thus revisits a classic subject with a resolutely creative and contemporary approach, of which he alone holds the secret.

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