Caron, Jean-François

Technique: Oil on wood

Jean-François Caron, painter Born in Beloeil in 1971, Jean-François Caron is a self-taught artist who is a cabinetmaker, sculptor, painter and singer-songwriter. Passionate about drawing from a young age, it was however in his early thirties that painting and music emerged as necessities.

Jean-François Caron's paintings stand out for their format, but also for the density and richness of the textures created with a spatula. Caron is interested in different subjects such as landscape, rural scene, still life and animal scene. Exhibited at the Beauchamp art galleries, his non-figurative works evoke nature, whether the plant or animal kingdom. There we find in particular earth colors, blues and bright reds, as well as shapes that recall the branches or foliage of trees.

Jean–François Caron is undoubtedly a painter to watch. He has already produced several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous symposia in Quebec.

Artistic approach

“In the shadow of trials and in the light that makes them exist, the artist naturally gives free rein to his imagination and expression.

If you ask him to explain the motivations and reasons for his artistic journey, he will tell you that he only instinctively makes the best use of his talent and his intuitive inspirations.

In a way, he seeks to interpret the emotion in the face of this mysterious nature, this energy which nourishes us and which inhabits us. In the deepening of his being, the artist aspires for his work to reflect harmony, strength and balance, like what exterior and interior existence offers us.

Creation being for the artist an adventurous, imprecise walk, where the conscious or unconscious feeling of being in contact with the source, the Self, becomes omnipresent. » (text taken from the artist's website)