Technique: Acrylic

Casimiro, painter

Casimiro was born in 1959 in Alcoy, Spain, where he lives and works.

He began his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Alcoy, then moved to Valencia to deepen his pictorial training. It was there that he developed an interest in marine scenes which became one of his great specialties.

Back today in his hometown, he continues to study at university, in a constant effort to improve and renew his artistic style. Formerly a more classical painter, Casimiro is now more interested in new trends with more current, more textured works and attempts to create playful, sometimes even surrealist scenes. The aerial views he depicts are populated by small characters, sometimes in a naive context, other times in situations that question the state of society and human behavior. Always more amusing than provocative, we feel the real pleasure he takes in putting his subjects on stage. This revisited naive art combining plays of optics, materials and shading is what characterizes his most recent productions.

During his many years of experience, he has participated in several exhibitions around the world and his work is part of several public and private collections. He currently exhibits in England, the United States and Canada.