Technique: Mixed

Robert Chevalier, painter

Robert Chevalier was born in 1953 in St-Jérôme in the Montreal region. Since his childhood, he has been passionate about drawing and, at the age of thirteen, he began oil painting. He has training in multimedia graphics from the Montreal Academy of Arts; he subsequently taught there for two years. To perfect his art, Chevalier also took courses in anatomy, color and perspective at the University of Quebec.

Landscapes and still lifes are the artist's favorite subjects. He also lives in the countryside, a place that he cherishes and which enlivens his work. A self-taught painter, he learned different techniques by studying the work of the great masters; the paintings of these prestigious artists present great technical qualities as well as a high degree of realism which fascinate Robert Chevalier.

The great mastery with which he creates the glazes of his canvases allows him to develop new textures which accentuate the intensity and richness of his colors. Through a subtle play of chiaroscuro contrasts, his works suggest a beautiful depth. Also, its textured backgrounds highlight the foregrounds painted in a more polished manner.


Chevalier has produced several exhibitions in Quebec since 2001.


The artist is part of numerous private and corporate collections in Canada and the United States.