Technique: Acrylic

Patricia Copeland, painter Patricia Copeland is an artist with dual French-Canadian nationality, now based in Quebec.

Professionally, Patricia has always gravitated towards the media: newspapers, radio, television and magazines. It is only since 2010 that she has found a refuge in painting and a pleasure in letting her creative side emerge. It's a way for her to express herself, to let go and to externalize her dreams. His approach is spontaneous, leaving plenty of room for the emotion of the present moment. It is in gentle solitude or in nature that the artist likes to be face to face with his canvas and his multiple creative tools. Patricia Copeland can be described as very passionate, dynamic and overflowing with imagination. His sources of inspiration are multiple: music, painting, writing, drawing and photography.

“I am still as spontaneous but more defined in my movements. My works are more refined, I want them to breathe, my movements are slower, more felt and I play a little more with nuances. »

Starting with an often neutral color, she lets a first spray of paint flow, often black. It is with this first burst of color that the rest comes spontaneously, that the story begins. The work will often be imbued with the colors of his last journey, his last activities or by what people transmit to him. She caresses the web of colorful emotions letting the softness or strength that they provoke speak, a bit like a poem, a film or a story to which music is added. We notice on several of his paintings an alignment of small dots, lines which can just as easily represent borders as passages, landmarks or paths to follow. These lines, sometimes sinuous, sometimes straight, sometimes unfinished, are for her like the movements of life.

For several years, Patricia Copeland has considered herself lucky to be able to devote herself full time to her passion while remaining in perpetual evolution.

Media coverage

  • Article published in Joanne Boivin's blog, August 2016