Technique: Mixed

Vincent Cordo, painter Vincent Cordo was born in Saint-Hyacinthe in 1972.

During a walk on Saint-Paul in Old Montreal, Cordo met Lysanne Pépin at her storefront workshop. This meeting is decisive for the artist, because it will give rise to a still unknown passion in him. However, it was only through the discovery of a work by Toulouse Lautrec that the artist emerged.

His artistic journey has been defined over the years. Thus, after 10 years of exploration, Cordo finally discovered a form of expression that personified him.

Passionate about the world of wine, the painter enjoys making the woman, his central subject, travel from Porto to the coasts of Bordeaux, accompanied by the greatest wines in the world. On high heels, they sometimes adopt mystical poses, sometimes provocative, sometimes charming, imbued with desire. They blend into your decor in search of pleasure.

It seeks to capture today's woman, those who must perform in several spheres; professionals at dawn, mothers at dusk and mistresses at night, those for whom time is a luxury. This is why the impression of fluid or paint flowing in the works represents time. This precious time that passes and which will prevent you from exchanging a look, a smile.

The viewer is transported into this universe tinged with softness and voluptuousness where the atmosphere is reinforced by the use of various techniques such as varnish, typography or the insertion of wooden materials.

Events and Media Coverage

  • Journal le courier St-Hyacinthe May and November 2009
  • Revue le Parcours des arts et Art de Vivre winter 2010 edition
  • Magazine Magazin'art autumn 2010 edition
  • Montreal Wine Show 2011
  • Sofadéco review fall 2010
  • Canadian House & Home Magazine Fall 2010
  • Quebec Wine Show / March 2011
  • Charlevoix Tourist Review / 2011
  • Condodeco Review March 2011
  • Fashion show with the Haute Couture series on Talons-hauts June 2011 Galerie Espace B8, Quebec
  • The Saint-Hyacinthe mail February 2011
  • Cogeco interview, Otherwise seen / 2011
  • Cogeco Interview, Connected / 2011
  • Advertising Planète Jazz 91.5 fm September 2011
  • Journal article View / 2011

Permanent exhibitions

  • Galerie L’Émeraude, Saint-Paul, Montreal
  • Galerie Beauchamp, Sault-au-Matelot, Quebec
  • Beauchamp Art Gallery, St-Jean Baptiste, Baie-St-Paul
  • Las Olas Fine arts, Las Olas Blvd, Ft-Lauderdale


  • Le Local & Le Hangard, Montreal
  • L'Espiègle, Saint-Hyacinthe
  • La Queue de Veau, Quebec