Technique: Mixed

Alexandre Delisle, painter Alexandre Delisle is a multidisciplinary artist from Repentigny, residing in Vaudreuil-Dorion. For almost 20 years now, he has been passionate about art. His passion began with cabinetmaking and diversified over time to include arts of all kinds. From the restoration of antique furniture to wood sculpture, acrylic painting on canvas, wall painting via projector, pouring and epoxy are some of the avenues that Alexandre explored for several years before really finding his way. He therefore worked in a self-taught manner on various techniques and facets of painting and discovered various mediums over the years. All this experience acquired over time gives him today diversified knowledge that he uses in the creation of his works.

While pursuing his passion, Alexandre is a master craftsman in interior finishing for high-end private business aircraft.

Artistic approach

In recent years, Alexandre began composing works defined as canvas sculptures. This modern art propels us into a new, captivating and little-known dimension. Indeed, each unique piece is created and shaped in such a way as to bring together colors, perspectives, lights, shading and curves. This practically living art has the particularity of being able to reshape itself by following the movements of light, but also through the eyes of those who contemplate these creations. Self-taught, creative at heart, extremely patient and meticulous, Alexandre pushes the limits of the 2D canvas to 3D. He likes to play with the effects of shadow and light that 3D art allows him. He spends his free time exploring and optimizing his technique in this new extraordinary art form that is canvas sculpture.

His inspirations come as much from the infinitely large as from the infinitely small, from the landscapes that surround him and even from the lives of the people he meets; every thought, look, reading and reflection has the capacity to transform into a unique and living painting that transports us into the majestic and impressive world that sculpture on canvas represents.