Technique: Oil


Paul-Henri Duberger, painter Paul-Henri Duberger was born in Matane in 1939 and died in 2012 in the Quebec region.

He taught psychology at Cégep and also at Laval University. A valiant man and passionate about painting, he painted, at the time when he worked as a teacher, around forty hours a week. Now retired, he now devotes himself completely to his passion.

In a modest way, Duberger claims to be self-taught, but when we examine his career more closely, we discover that it was under the tutelage of great Quebec painters, such as Iacurto and Maurice Lebon, that he made his first brush strokes. . Interested in art history, at this time he discovered Emile A. Gruppe, one of the American masters of the Gloucester Impressionist School with whom he decided to continue his apprenticeship in painting. Since that time, Duberger has traveled to Gloucester every summer and is inspired by the city's beautiful harbor.

The landscapes presented by Duberger, on canvas or on wooden panels, are more impressions and visual sensations than emotions. He works intuitively and in an impressionistic manner; using the spectral approach to color, he paints from yellow to purple, from light to dark. He quickly draws the broad outlines of his compositions and then moves on to masses of color. When the outside temperature does not allow him to execute his painting on site, he creates a pochade which captures the impression and gives him material to work on in the studio.

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  • 1980 - 1st prize, La Farandole, Sillery, QC
  • 2002 - Teal Tin Prize, Ducks Unlimited, Canada
  • 2004 - President of the jury at the St-Germain de Kamouraska Symposium, QC
  • 2004 - Invited artist at the St-Germain de Kamouraska Symposium, where he gave a conference.


  • United States Ambassador to Canada
  • National bank of Canada
  • Garrison Circle, Quebec
  • Chateau Montebello
  • The Provigo Group
  • Lépine-Cloutier
  • Metro A. Gagnon
  • Nurun
  • Société Générale de Financement du Québec
  • Desjardins Insurance Group
  • Ondéo-Degrèmond, Montreal
  • Bonhams 1793 Ltd., London, England
  • St-Amour et Ass., Montreal
  • Sogique Inc