Technique: Mixed

Suzanne Ernst's training in landscape architecture greatly influenced her perception of the world. Suzanne travels through the city and different landscapes using photography as a means of exploration and discovery. Combining several mediums in her photographs such as acrylic paint, oil, pastel and colored pencils, Suzanne works her images with the intention of revealing hidden complexities as well as the infinite beauty of the landscapes that surround her. Her work offers a spooky vision of the different places she travels and presents an emphasis on the vibrancy of colors, complex patterns and textures often overlooked by the eye.

Suzanne Ernst is strongly inspired by the writings of Charles Beaudelaire on the “flâneur” and the work of Richard Long, a Land Art artist who surveyed several natural sites across the continents. The writings of Guy Debord and those of André Breton also greatly influenced her and the Situationist International.