Technique: Acrylic

Flow alias Arnaud Florentin, painter Flow was born in Nancy, France in 1978.

It was in his hometown that Arnaud Florentin, aka Flow, trained in visual arts at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts in Nancy. This classical training allowed him to develop his sensitivity and open up to other artistic fields. Following this academic journey, he preferred to leave this dense experience and return to his youthful passions: spontaneity and the practice of an instinctive art that is unique to him. What followed was an artistic career stimulated by a deep need to create, ardent since the graphs of his high school years. The energy deployed in the works of the artist Flow immerses us in an airy and evanescent aesthetic. Its unique touch is already easily identifiable.

« Influenced by Action Painting and Expressionism , my painting is a perpetual search for movement and gesture work. Through the technique of dripping , my faces appear by pouring and projecting the paint onto the canvas without ever touching it, leaving a part of the unexpected and freedom. This technique is particularly sensitive to displacements and movements, bordering on the unpredictable. Painting must live, overflow, explode, surprise, touch the soul. » explains the artist.

If the techniques mastered and explored by the artist are multiple, the subjects covered are even more numerous. In addition to portraits of famous or unknown figures, the artist represents the contemporary world using scenes inspired by music, sports, urban life and popular icons, the human body, animals and even insects.

Over the years that followed, he participated in contemporary art fairs, becoming known on the other side of the world, as far as Korea; he exhibits his works in galleries around the world and continues to deepen his technique.