Technique: Acrylic

Michael Foers, painter Michael Foers was born in Sheffield, England.

At a very young age, he immigrated to Canada. The artist now lives on land north of Toronto in a house adjacent to his studio. This enchanting place allows him frequent escapades in nature.

His experiences as a trapper, prospector and lumberjack in the forests of northern Canada introduced him to the special lights of dawn and dusk; rich, captivating and nuanced lights, which we find today inside his works. It was in his early twenties, inspired by the work of the renowned Canadian painter Tom Thomson of the Group of Seven, that he decided to devote himself entirely to his art. He will develop his style while preserving his spontaneity and a certain simplicity specific to childhood.

Michael Foers' works present, in a bold, intuitive way and with an impressionist touch, a singular play between light, water and organic forms. Through his play of light and shadow, Foers easily adds dimension and depth to his paintings; he proceeds with touches of varying intensity as he develops his compositions.

Foers painted en plein air, sketching scenes that he then reworked on large formats. He creates his landscapes and bodies of water with real passion. His recent, more abstract works are painted with his own sense of color and space.

He travels a lot, always with a paintbrush in his luggage: “What artist could ignore the light of Tuscany? », he questions. France and Central Europe are also places he particularly likes.

Since 1985, his works have been presented in various solo and group exhibitions in Ontario, Quebec and Washington DC. They are also part of private and corporate collections in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

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