Technique: Oil

Kal Gajoum, internationally renowned artist Born in 1968 in Tripoli, Libya, he currently resides in Montreal, Canada.

His interest in the arts manifested itself very early in his life. Family friends, themselves painters, introduced him to oil painting. It was in 1983, in Tripoli, that he presented his works for the first time. Subsequently, Kal moved to Paris to learn watercolor and the Parisian pictorial style. In 1992, he returned to Tripoli to prepare a new exhibition. He spent seven years in Malta, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and worked for the Royal Fine Art Gallery, without interrupting his artistic production. Through his professional activities, he visits Tunisia and exhibits in different trade fairs. In 2000, Kal moved to Great Britain where he directed the Center of Britain Art Gallery. He exhibited in the city of Carlisle and it was there that he perfected his spatula technique.

In 2003, the artist moved to Vancouver, Canada, then more recently, settled in Montreal. Its production is mainly based on very contemporary urban scenes inspired by the architecture of large European cities. Socialite characters dressed in black stroll through this unique setting creating a completely unique atmosphere. The unusual and very attractive combination of contrasts between ashen tones, blacks and bright colors produces a result that is both striking and unique.

Kal Gajoum is represented by several international art galleries.

Media coverage :

Magazin'Art, fall 2011 edition, p. 89-92