Technique: Mixed

Born in Crimea, Ukraine, Irene Gendelman currently resides in Israel.

The Black Sea, the mountains, the smallness of the poetic streets of the old part of the Crimean city, this is what a little girl who aspires to become an artist-painter dreams of. It was therefore very early in her childhood that Irène showed her attachment and fascination for the arts. She will gradually satisfy her artistic impulses throughout her student journey, from elementary school to college.

Always inspired by the beauty of silhouettes and roofs that emerge across the horizon, the artist, always in search of knowledge and inspiration, does not hesitate to continue her journey. It is through the most beautiful cities of Europe and the Middle East that she quenches her inexhaustible thirst for expression. Enriched on all levels by this unique and gratifying experience, Irène's artistic work is consolidated and reveals an undeniable maturity.

The beauty of the scenes she offers us suggests a great mastery of color. The shades are very nuanced and sophisticated. The very visible impasto textures reinforce the theme giving it a visual appeal of solidity or, on the contrary, crumbling. In return, the very fine lines which go around the structure of the shapes offer us an effect of lightness. All these characteristics come together to offer us fun, colorful and original pieces.