Marie Goulard is an artist from Bordeaux, self-employed for around fifteen years who has explored many artistic fields including decorative painting on ceramics, the creation of wall frescoes, the recycling and renovation of objects and furniture. She has been immersed in creation since a young age.


Very attracted to portraiture and recycled elements, I explore these subjects through various techniques in painting, collage, drawing and I particularly enjoy giving things a second life.

This artistic path led me to the creation of paintings in paper micro-collages. The choice of black and white, which eliminates certain sources of distraction, refers directly to the essence of the subject by giving it a timeless aspect and a resolutely contemporary rendering. I assemble my archive photos by patiently pasting them, one by one, on a wooden support to form mosaics of small juxtaposed squares. My images have a pixelated effect and are optical illusions that represent faces or parts of the human body.


Arts Atlantic exhibition in La Rochelle from November 10 to 13, 2022