Technique: Bronze

Anioclès Grégoire, sculptor Anioclès Grégoire defines himself more as a researcher rather than an artist. He followed technical training at the Répliquant foundry as well as training in molding and modeling at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

Grégoire today works with great masters of sculpture in Haiti in addition to studying voodoo which occupies an important place in Haitian art and primitive African art. This multidisciplinary artist, at the same time sculptor, painter and designer, is partly inspired by traditional African art, but also draws his inspiration from current Haitian society which reveals a rich and abundant cultural heritage, always in progress.

The work of Anioclès Grégoire rises in some way against oblivion through his choice of material which aims to stand the test of time and the themes he treats. His works are the testimony of particular moments in the history of humanity.

The artist's workshop contains numerous creations including several busts of Haitian personalities. We also find there that of the writer Dany Laferrière.

Among his monumental sculptures are the representation of Haitian singers; Coupé Cloué, Martha Jean-Claude as well as his design of the historical monument which highlights the participation of Haitian soldiers in the American War of Independence. Grégoire is currently working on the creation of a 25-foot family tree, also in bronze.