Technique: Acrylic

Elena Henderson, painter Born in Tula near Moscow in 1965, Elena Henderson emigrated to Canada in 1996. She lives and works full time as an artist in Orangeville, Ontario. Since arriving in Canada, she has obtained a degree in design at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto. His current pictorial practice reflects his desire to present expressive material through a series of floral scenes. To do this, she paints her flowers in refreshing colors using a dense acrylic texture that she combines with other mediums. Her style is both sophisticated and energetic. His still lifes with large organic shapes are often depicted in a bird's eye view.

Artistic approach

I became an artist to translate the world around me using my own language. I transform my emotions into works of art that will define who I am more than anything else. The only times that truly make me happy are when I create. My overflowing imagination constitutes an important part of my work. I transform simple shapes into dramatic and graceful scenes using texture and brilliant colors. In my works, everything takes shape to become a reflection of our world in continual transformation. »