Technique: acrylic


Louis Hughes was born in Montreal in 1958. After obtaining his bachelor's degree in French literature from Concordia University in Montreal, he decided to pursue studies in political science and marketing at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). .

He then spent a long time in Povungnituck, in the Far North of Quebec. It is then that the artist begins to break the white, as he calls it, by painting the traces of the wind, the cold, the caribou, the geese, the bare trees, the bears, in short everything that surrounds him and fascinates him in this rather monochrome environment.

Exhibitions, prizes and honorable mentions

Louis Hughes has to his credit a good number of individual and group exhibitions in Quebec, Toronto and Massachusetts (USA)

In 1994, he was selected among several Quebec artists to participate in the Melbourne Art Symposium and received an honorable mention. In 1998, he won the Grand Public Prize from the Center Teilhard de Chardin in Montreal. He was also selected in 2002 to represent Canadian art at a special exhibition in Boston, United States.


His works are part of important private and corporate collections in Canada including CGI, the National Bank of Montreal, UQTR, SECOR, Les Cinémas Guzzo to name a few. His work can also be found in the Middle East, Africa and then in the United States at the Château Residence Club in Beaver Creek, at the MacDonald in New Glasgow and at Sandalwood Managment in Texas. The International Ice Sports Federation of Lausanne in Switzerland also acquired one of his works.


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