Technique: Acrylic

Melissa Jean is a Canadian artist based in northwestern Ontario, near Lake of Woods. Surrounded by nature, she shares her daily life through her works. She knows how to capture the infinite nuances of light, the cadence of water and all the beauty of the Canadian landscapes. His work is authentic and seeks to translate the smallest details of what surrounds him, without being hyperrealistic. She describes her style as “idealism” aimed at capturing the most beautiful moments of the day, the unforgettable moments of life and the vivacity of the great Canadian spaces.

She talks about her process like this: “ I have an irresistible desire to create every morning when I open the door to my studio. Painting is simply a byproduct of the love I have for everything I see. Most of my inspiration comes from the lakes and forests that surround my studio and my house. There is an endless amount of topics all around me and immense wonder is created within me daily. »

Her work is found in several public and private collections and she exhibits in several galleries across Canada.