Louise Jolicoeur, known under the artist name Jolic, has a particular artistic approach. She begins her works on canvases painted in matte black, using brushes, spatulas, her hand, or a cloth to instinctively express her emotions. His abstract style plays on balance and contrast, creating focal points and areas of calm for the viewer's eyes. She works on several canvases at once, reaching a point of "detachment" where she lets herself flow into her creative process.

Jolic uses a mixed technique in his works. After studying graphic design, architecture, and textile screen printing, she turned to art, inspired by her grandmother. She began her career by signing her works under the name Jolic.

Born in Philadelphia, United States, Jolic grew up in Outaouais, Quebec, and currently resides in the Laurentians. Since 2015, she has participated in numerous exhibitions, symposiums, and competitions, winning several awards. His works are part of private, public, and corporate collections in North America and Europe.