Karina Kelly's artistic approach is characterized by a deeply emotional and introspective expression in her creations. She lets herself be guided by her emotions when she paints, which means she explores her own inner world and expresses her sensitive and vulnerable personality through her art. His works lie in the realm of both abstraction and semi-figurative, which allows him to play with infinite perspective through the textures and colors of painting.

The technique she favors is acrylic, a medium that offers a wide variety of possibilities in terms of textures, transparency, opacity and contrast. She uses this technique to translate her world onto the canvas using expressive and energetic gestures.

Karina Kelly is self-taught, but she also had the opportunity to receive painting lessons from different professional painters in 2005. She was born in Charlesbourg, Quebec.

His artistic work has been exhibited on numerous occasions, including symposia, group exhibitions and solo exhibitions. His works have been collected by institutions such as the Complexe de la Capitale, Auberge la Goéliche, Signalisation Lévis, as well as by several private collectors in North America, Europe and Australia.

Regarding her artistic affiliations, Karina Kelly is a professional member of BLEU – The grouping of artists and craftspeople of Île d'Orléans, as well as a member of Mondial Art Academy.

Finally, in 2018, Karina Kelly received recognition for excellence in Abstract Art Composition during the Grand International Juried Art Competition, Sixth Edition, Césure, which testifies to the quality of her artistic work.