Kingsley-Dobson, John

Technique: Oil

John Kingsley-Dobson was born in 1957, in Derbyshire, United Kingdom.

It was at the very early age of 17 that this artist was hired by an architectural firm. He then quickly rose through the ranks from office clerk to design consultant. At the same time, he followed his passion and studied building architecture part-time at Derby College, then continued his studies at the University of Leicester.

In 1981, the architectural firm was forced to fire him for budgetary reasons, a situation which made him want to go into business. His work soon became very popular with real estate developers, architects and advertising agencies who recognized his talent for creating sketches of buildings, urban spaces and real estate complexes.

In 1991 he moved to Hampshire to undertake a long series of collaborations with landscape designers and architects, particularly on hotel projects, large leisure centers and major tourist destinations. These exchanges allowed him to travel the world to capture, using his pencils and brushes, different architectural creations that a very specific clientele requested.

As a visual artist specializing in architectural representation, he has the honor of having works included in the private collections of notable individuals, including His Royal Highness Charles, Prince of Wales; His Royal Highness, Prince Albert of Monaco; Sir Paul McCartney; and King Abdullah II of Jordan, to name a few.

John Kingsley-Dobson also paints in watercolor, a freer means of expression which allows him to render landscapes of the south of France as well as marine scenes.

Despite all this impressive success, John Kingsley-Dobson says he is very proud to be the first artist established in the United Kingdom whose works proudly sit on the walls of Beauchamp art galleries.