Technical: sculpture on steel and cardboard

David Kracov is an artist of Boston origin born in 1968. Greatly inspired by Pop Culture and a love of the English language, Krakov is resolutely part of the world of contemporary art. A painter, sculptor and animation creator, his creative mind has helped bring to life Disney classics such as The Lion King < and The Swan Princess . His work is loved by young and old alike.

At the age of only twelve, he held his first exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts thus becoming the youngest artist to exhibit there. Subsequently, he obtained a diploma from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design . With his raw talent and design expertise, David Kracov chose to move to California to pursue graphic animation. For the artist, who began working at a very young age, it is essential to maintain, in his imagery, a vibrant energy specific to youth. He also takes up this leitmotif with a series of works entitled “Lifesaving Art” specially designed to help children living in distressing situations. With this series, he has managed to raise several thousand dollars so far and has helped more than 2,600 children evacuate the city of Chernobyl thanks to the foundation Chabad's Children of Chernobyl .

For all these reasons, Warner Brothers granted him exclusivity on the reproduction of the famous characters of the Looney Tunes which the artist skillfully incorporated into his sculptures. In this spirit of collage and in homage to children around the world, Krakov always inserts a butterfly in his works to symbolize freedom. His works reach young and old alike and transport us to a world of striking colors where life is good.

David Kracov can be found in several private collections of Hollywood's elite like Steven Spielberg, Matt Damon, Judy Sheindlin, Donald Trump and Whoopi Goldberg, to name a few.