Technique: Acrylic on ceramic

Jocelyne La Pointe was born in 1947, in Montreal. She studied art history but remains a self-taught painter. She notably founded the painting studio L'Atelier Raphaël where she creates, exhibits and teaches alongside fellow artists. In 1992, she received an honorable mention for her entire production from the National Arts Council. Following this honor, her own style developed further and she acquired more ease in her pictorial explorations. After creating still lifes, landscapes and interior scenes on traditional canvases, she began painting on volumetric surfaces. The first piggy bank in the shape of a little pig will soon be born, inspired by an original gift she wanted to give to the child of a couple of friends. Since this unusual invention, which goes beyond a simple decorative object or piece of craftsmanship, his little pigs have traveled all over the world. They are found in Asia, Europe and North America.