Technique: Oil

Nathalie Lapointe, painter

Nathalie Lapointe was born in 1973 in Joliette. She lives in the Lanaudière region of Quebec. She began to express herself through drawing very early in her youth. Later, she became interested in painting, particularly watercolors. Using this technique, she creates imaginary landscapes using rich washes and a play of organic shapes. During her training in fine arts, she moved towards figuration, particularly portraits and still lifes which she worked in oil. This approach is carried out in parallel with her career as a secondary school teacher.

It was in 2008 that her journey took on its full meaning and Nathalie Lapointe, challenged by this strong desire to create, decided to devote herself full time to her painting. Since then, she has developed her subjects through a personal pictorial language which is defined by a graphic style halfway between figuration and abstraction. In her luminous, sometimes fantastical urban universes, she seeks a certain balance between what stabilizes and destabilizes, then between the completed and the unfinished.