Technique: Mixed

Sébastien Laurent, sculptor Passionate about history, recycling, sculpture and welding, Sébastien Laurent is a Quebec artist born in 1976 in France. Since his childhood, he has modified and embellished objects from his daily life. He gives them a second life by denaturing, transforming and welding them.

Artistic approach

“My journey began with a passion for bicycles, a desire to change their appearance and make them functional, then it was the turn of cars a few years later. When my partner and I got our house, I started making ironwork parts such as gates, wickets and flower pot supports. Then the family grew and, quite naturally, I designed toys of all kinds for my children. I even built a wooden cabin in the garden which aroused the interest of the neighbors.

For a long time, creative passion has been part of our family life and my partner, with Olympian patience, encourages me in this adventure. We spend great times creating together, but sometimes, when many couples are watching television together, the light still shines on my garage; laboratory of my creations.

My professional journey has taken me across many oceans and introduced me to great people from all walks of life who have filled my toolbox. The latter allowed me to refine several manual techniques and enriched me with their knowledge and culture. »