Technique Mixte

Born in Montreal, Diane Lelièvre currently lives in St-Bruno.

Diane Lelièvre has been painting for several years, but her artistic career took off in 1988 when she began to exhibit her creations. During 1991 and 1992, she refined her work at the Saidye Bronfman Arts Center in Montreal. Keen to perfect her training, she also became a graduate in visual arts and obtained a bachelor's degree in visual arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal in 2001.

The theme of territory (understood as a space to be developed) is, in contemporary art, a favorite subject for several artists; Diane Lelièvre is one of them. She will say: “The theme of the territory is not only linked to nature, it is also that of the body, the interior of oneself and the fragility of us. », hence the wood she uses as a support structure and the local objects discovered at second-hand dealers.

His pictorial approach is two-dimensional and sculptural. The artist expresses himself a lot through touch; the tactile relationship in his work seems essential. His large-format works, whose surfaces are textured with added materials such as sand, paper, rope, metal, calligraphy and scraped fabrics, are reminiscent of prints. These processes accentuate the relief and emphasize the topography.

Diane Lelièvre often uses earthy colors, such as ocher and brown. The addition of taupe gray brightens the space and refers directly to the bark and stone. Finally, red-orange is omnipresent in his work; this color, symbol of passion, fits with the theme “Mother Earth”, nourishing earth, cradle of our origins.

For Diane Lelièvre, the idea of ​​territory has a symbolic value, opening up to reflection and leading to wonderful discoveries.

Media coverage

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  • Town of Saint-Bruno de Montarville, Quebec
  • Pratt & Whitney, Longueuil, Quebec
  • Alzheimer Society of the South Shore, Quebec
  • Logistec, port company, Contrecoeur, Quebec
  • JC Boudreault Ltée, Quebec


  • 2003 - Mention “Favorite” Visual arts center of St-Hubert, QC
  • 2000 - First Prize at the exhibition competition in the city of St-Bruno in Montarville, QC
  • 1995 - Second Prize for painting at the “International Visual Arts Gala” at Place des Arts in Montreal, QC