Technique Mixte

Maryline Lemaitre, painter

Maryline Lemaitre was born in France and lived for nearly 10 years in Asia before emigrating to Canada in 2001.

In her works, the artist proceeds by an accumulation of materials and textures, which she then sculpts, scrapes, flattens and reworks in multiple ways. Her creative process can be inspired by an image, a pattern, a travel photo, the beauty of a calligraphy or a text that touches her, and each element can become the key to defining and developing a whole new series. His subjects will vary over time since they are inspired by daily life, his memories and the expression of his unconscious.

Serendipity: Finding by chance what you are not looking for! If there is one word that can define my work, it's this one! Faced with a blank canvas, I never know where I'm going. I do not want to know. It's a constant process of trial and error. I accumulate layers of materials, I glue, scrape, remove, iron, take off, put back, fight and flatten, scan patterns with a palette or stencil, revisit with broad strokes of a brush or old credit cards until achieve the pictorial density which is my signature. It’s an intuitive and sometimes… sporting process! » the artist tells us.

Maryline Lemaitre has participated in several solo and group exhibitions around the world. His works were also used to illustrate the covers of two books published in Canada. His work can be found in several private and public collections in Canada, the United States, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and in the Cirque du Soleil collection in particular.