Technique: Oil, watercolor, acrylic

artist Nicole Lévesque A native of the Bas-St-Laurent region, it was from a young age that Nicole Lévesque discovered an outlet in the arts. Through the voice of poetry, on black and white paper, she expresses her perception of life, which is not monochrome.

Her propensity for creativity quickly led her to painting. Charcoal, acrylic, and oil become accomplices. The die is cast. She will always write. She will always paint. It's an innate passion.

The artist will combine his art, first refined by training in drawing and painting, with his studies and his practice of human resources management. One won't work without the other. Understanding the human soul and painting its emotions.

It was during her first exhibition at Anima G, in Quebec in 1996, that Nicole publicly revealed the diversity of her work, which she would later call, in all modesty, her works. The first paintings were inspired by Matapédian landscapes, then by the streets of Quebec, which she then discovered and has now lived in since 1974. She then added to her compositions, warm harmonies where the omnipresent musicians transport us to different places which come alive under bows and strings.

His recent paintings will make you discover a new horizon in his artistic evolution. The rendering she now offers suggests a bias towards the contemporary. Music is protagonist. The chromaticism is warm. Its intuitive textures propel the gaze towards other universes and offer an inexhaustible source of freedom, in accordance with one's perception of life.

Nicole Lévesque's works can be found in various private and public collections.