Technique Mixte

Betina Levin, painter

Betina Levin is an artist, teacher and psychologist living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In his creative work, the experience acquired in life prevails over knowledge and technique. She works with spontaneity and the unpredictable, with memory and forgetting. Through abstract landscapes, the artist depicts fleeting and ineffable moments. You can feel the shimmer of twilight, the soft light of a sunset or the clouds dancing around a mountain.

Delicately upholstered in azure blue, the red crackles on silver backgrounds to create a whole that harmonizes with elegance and refinement. The patterns are cleverly arranged and the passion for creation is felt. The love of composition is omnipresent through the lascivious curves, geometric strokes and textured fades.

Also trained as a psychoanalyst, she plays between dreams and impressions and depicts the subconscious with ravishing colors and limitless creativity. It creates a world that comes directly to us and in which we tend to blend in, in which the echo of our distant memories will resonate.

Since 2003, the artist has exhibited in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Uruguay, Argentina, Great Britain, Canada and the United States.