Technique: Acrylic

Originally from Charlevoix, Mario Bernard recreates, in a unique style, the landscapes of this region that have inspired the greatest Canadian artists. The painter's career really took off in 1998 when he experienced his first successes in galleries. His works quickly found buyers in Europe and North America.

His numerous travels in Asia and Europe inspired some of his most beautiful paintings. After a period where he devoted himself to interior design, leaving his artistic mark in the most beautiful residences in Quebec, the painter took up the torch and never stopped.

Artistic approach

His painting work is inspired by Fauvism. There are colors fresh out of the tube. His expressive canvases, imbued with colors and contrasts, evoke the work of stained glass and provoke intense joy in the viewer. Whether landscapes, portraits, still lifes, city or countryside scenes, the artist appropriates all these subjects . Just like his work, he has evolved and he finally demonstrates all his abilities, his painting having never been so vibrant and overflowing with vitality.