Massicotte, Edmond J.

The works of Edmond J. Massicotte

Technique: Ink


Edmond-J. Massicotte was born in Montreal in 1875.

At 16, he enrolled at the school of arts and manufacturing. He continued his studies at the Galerie des arts under the direction of Professor Edmond Dyonnet and, subsequently, at the Monument National, in Montreal.

His drawings appeared in magazines and newspapers of the time; he provides compositions to the Monde Illustré, The Press, At Hobby and at SATURDAY. He is best known for his nostalgic and sentimental illustrations representing the folklore, customs and popular traditions of Quebec. He also illustrated several local books.

Twelve of the main paintings by Edmond-Joseph Massicotte have been brought together in a luxury album, under the title “Our Canadians of yesteryear”. Four of these originals were acquired by the Quebec government of the time. They are kept at the Musée du Québec.

The images created by Massicotte are part of the collective imagination of Quebecers.