Technique Mixte

Alex Mirovsky was born in 1971 in Crimea, Ukraine. He now lives in Toronto.

From a young age, Alex explored various techniques which he perfected over time. With his enthusiasm for the arts and the encouragement of his parents, he studied art at the Crimea College of Arts and then continued at the Kiev Academy of Arts. In 1990, in order to broaden his horizons, he immigrated to Israel. He will present several solo and group exhibitions there. Since 2007, Alex Mirovsky has lived in Toronto and actively participates in the Toronto art scene by regularly presenting his works there.

Mirovsky's works present a great freedom of gesture which combines delicate touches executed with a brush and a strong texture applied with a spatula. This interesting duality is counterbalanced by a harmonious color palette. The artist does not seek to imitate his subject with precision and detail, but rather seeks to bring out the dominant characteristics.