Technique Mixte

Patrick Morency

Patrick Morency was born in 1973 in Montreal and still lives there. He has a bachelor's degree in visual arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal. He has been painting for around twenty years in addition to being a designer and furniture creator.

Morency is interested in the patina that covers everything around us. For him, it is traces of life, a sign of time. Material and our relationship to it are at the heart of his artistic concerns. His pictorial work provokes reflection on the precariousness of life and memory. “What will remain after our inevitable disappearance? » asks the artist.

For the sake of consistency with the subject, Morency only uses industrial products: steel, alkyd paint, acid, wax, stripper etc. The painter uses these mediums to develop an organic and raw vocabulary. He performs different actions: spreads, scrapes, strips and plays with multiple layers, revealing the coincidences born from these different manipulations of the material. Painted on metal sheets of identical formats, each painting is worked independently and will subsequently be amalgamated with other plates, without the artist first taking into account possible coherence between them. Thus, it is only after the creation of each of the pieces that Morency intuitively associates them in order to create a poetic dialogue from which both feelings of rupture and unity emerge. Patrick Morency also seeks to suggest that the viewer completes certain forms outside the pictorial field through a process of mental recomposition.