Technique: Digital collage printed on archival quality paper

Nadia Morin was born in Saint-Georges de Beauce in 1989 and she currently lives in Quebec. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in visual and media arts practice from Laval University.

She focuses mainly on graphic compositions, using archive photos as well as her own photos of escapades to complete a proposal of current images in bold colors. A gentle blend of present and past which suggests a poetic and dreamlike universe with a certain surrealism.

Digital arts allow me to navigate quickly and discover interesting visual offerings, conducive to being associated with words since they are infinitely malleable. As part of this series, I am interested in the mental image created when reading a sentence, in the visual interpretation of words and more precisely in confidences.

Who really knows the weight of secrets? My project focuses on this by illustrating the result of an anonymous collection of secrets. Secrets shape our individuality in such a way that we must hide these parts of ourselves from others, for whatever reason. The vulnerable nature of the human condition is nevertheless intended to be universal and, in silence, we collectively share these secrets although we consider them unique. Through digital collages, I appropriate the confidences of others to create poetic images. From then on, each word represented no longer belongs to a single soul, but to all those who recognize themselves in it. »