Technique: Drawing, acrylic, sculpture

Murphy, Ann, painter

Born in 1975, Ann Murphy has been immersed in creation since her early childhood. Throughout her journey as a self-taught artist, she became interested in a variety of techniques such as drawing, painting, cabinetmaking and sculpture. At the age of 25, Murphy added to his arsenal of skills with a degree in interior design.

She participated in the Montreal Art Fair as well as many other artist fairs across Quebec. She has also taken part in several exhibitions in Canadian and American galleries.

Today the mother of two boys, she divides her time between the workshop and the house. The proximity of his creative space allows him to reconcile work and family. Whether she's creating a new collection of giclée prints, crafting giant papier-mâché sculptures, or creating unique paintings, Ann Murphy navigates from one project to the next and never seems to run out of something. inspiration.

Murphy works with ever-renewed confidence while following his inspiration. She believes her best works are yet to come. If we judge this statement by Murphy's solid and abundant portfolio, the next few years will see the birth of incredible treasures!

Animal collection

Ann Murphy's animals are full of mesmerizing details. The artist infuses his works with a dose of his vivacious personality, allowing the subjects to come to life. Each painting aims to transport the viewer to a place of color, joy and positivity.

Passionate about color, she uses an infinite variety of tones in all her brushstrokes. The great attention she pays to the fur of animals, their feathers or their scales is testimony to her unique signature.

Abstract collection

Murphy's “Bursts” are works from a fun collection with bright, bold colors, like “Bursts” of joy. This abstract work demonstrates his great sense of composition and color aesthetics, the perfect marriage of his two passions: art and design. Murphy's artistic maturity now allows him to create the most simplified and expressive works of his career.